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Name : Arieez Usna (not my real name : )

Nick : Arieez

D.O.B: 6th of November 1981

P.O.B: Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia

Hobby:  Chatting, Reading... Bla Bla Bla (anything that related with computer)

Ambition: Still don't know (I wanna be a computer programmer but now, I don't know)

Zodiac : Scorpio 

Motto: Do I Have One? Have computer rulezz!!!!! Yeargh

My Irc :


/pass ***************

/whois arieez

arieez is vieen@203.***.**.******
arieez is -= Seperti Yang Ku Jangka =-
arieez on
arieez is a Registered Nick
arieez on +#java, @#temerloh

My Status? : Single and Not Looking. Tq

E - Mail Me at : or


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